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Testimonial on Naked Advanced Skin Cream from Alana Rose, Make-up Artist and Season 3 Face-Off Cast Member(Follow on Twitter: @toxicshockfx): 

"My name is Alana Rose Schiro, I'm a makeup artist currently living in Los Angeles for the last two years.After moving from New York,I started to develop horrible acne all over my face. Doctors told me it was stress, my body changing and maybe even the the climate change. I have been on topical medications and internal medications, I have gone to several doctors for different opinions and no cream or pills seemed to give my face any relief. This year at IMATS, I was formally introduced to the owners of Naked Cosmetics. The attitude and passion they have about their product certainly peeked my interest. I told him about my experience with my skin and they recommended I try their new product, Naked Advanced Skin Cream. Normally, I would've thankfully declined but in this case I had nothing to lose. At this point, I've tried everything and the folks at Naked were not pushy sales people and just genuinely concerned for my skin. Within the first week, I immediately noticed results. Aside from my acne which developed in the last few years, I have always had dried patchy skin that quickly cleared up. With just one container I've been able to make it last for five month and skin is now completely clear. I have no dry patches and I use it on all of my clients. I feel confident in recommending it to everyone I know because this product has seriously changed my life. With this product I finally feel like I'm in the skin I belong in! I don't have to go to doctors, and I'm not on any medication. I love to use it as my primer before makeup applications and use it as my lotion for spot treatment. Just as Naked approached me in a concerned manner for my skin, I speak to you the viewer from a genuine place, if you want to change your skin for the better use this product."