Gem Powders

Like Crushed Gems, this product produces a spectacular and elegant sparkle.  Much finer than Glitter.  Unlike Glitter which is flat and only reflects light from its flat side (causing it to sometimes appear like a dark speck from the thin side), Gem Powder produces a radiant 3D Sparkle! 

Can be applied the Eyes, Face, Lips, and Body!

Applications: Unlimited...Dry, Over makeup, or with a sealer, or moisturizer. 

Fill: 2gm

GP-01 Diamond-Clear Diamond Sparkle
GP-02 Gold Dust-Clear Gold Sparkle
GP-03 Sapphire-Clear Blue Sparkle
GP-04 Ruby-Clear Rose Sparkle
GP-05 Amethyst-Clear Violet Sparkle
GP-06 Emerald-Clear Green Sparkle